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As citizens of the Earth, we CARE

We are a global community of citizens committed to caring for the Earth and all lives that inhabit it.  We have created this movement to teach those who seek it to create strong foundations for themselves and then to be able to confidently take on the actions for a unified world. 

We are looking for people who

1. Have hope and take ownership of their life

Get healthier naturally

Health shouldn't be a commodity that we need to pay high prices for. Good health is the most natural state of life, and it's something that each and every one of us is entitled to. We all have the power to achieve health in a natural and self-sufficient way

2. Take action to help those around them

Share love with your community

Once you start taking care of yourself and become healthy and happy you automatically want to share this feeling with others. An Earth Citizen takes action and contributes to making a healthy and happy family and a peaceful community.

3. Find initiatives that will benefit the whole Earth

Heal the Earth together

As your community thrives it becomes easier to take action more directly towards the Earth and feel the positive effects. Your heart will open and together you will find initiatives that will benefit the Earth on a bigger scale. 

Each of us has the heart of an Earth Citizen. Everyone is born with a desire for the health and happiness of other people and life forms.

Acting on that desire in our daily lives is the lifestyle of an Earth Citizen.

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