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The shift is like a drop into a lake.

Rippling out from one blip at

the centre and pulsing outward

to affect your entire life.

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What is 1 Minute Change?

It's about taking just 1 minute every hour to reconnect with yourself through movement. 

We’re often disconnected from ourselves. The majority of people spend their days sitting with little or no activity during waking hours, so re-connection is vital to overall health and well being. Without it, it’s easy to live on autopilot and just go about our days the same way every single day by maintaining status quo.

Introduce movement and exercise into everything you normally do —you must see it from an entirely new perspective.  You can practise it in a variety of ways while rushing through your schedule: lift yourself up with your arms while sitting in a chair, do a quick set of push ups before taking a shower, stretch your body, or do a brain meditation for one minute —doing so ten times per day breaks up the usual day and mixes in health-positive action for the body, mind and spirit. 

How can one minute exercise benefit you?


Life is hectic.

The 1 Minute Change app gives you more "me" time to consciously connect with yourself throughout the day, breaking up the work day to get you more energised. 


We simply don't move enough when working all day. With one minute workouts that changes. You will improve your blood and energy circulation and  maintain your joints and muscles to stay fresh.


With consistency you'll get into the habit of doing a short exercise each hour, which will help clear your mind by opening up the flow of communication between mind and body, so you can stay alert all day long.


 You'll experience immediate change. Your energy will shift and you'll feel more motivated and joyful day to day - whether you're at work or home - leaving you with more drive for many other things in your life.  


Meet the 1 Minute Change heroes who are consistently taking a minute every hour to fully dedicate it to themselves. They share the changes they felt and made as they started this practice. 


United Kingdom

I started doing this when it was introduced to me - at first I wasn’t really interested because I thought it wasn’t really important for me and that I was too busy for it. I tried it  anyway and at first I kept forgetting about it… Until one day I spent the day with one of my Body & Brain teachers who was taking it very seriously and was making it a fun activity, doing star jumps on the footpath, wall sit against a tree or building… like this I had much more fun and I increased from 4 to 10 exercises in a day! 

What motivates me is a WhatsApp group I have with friends, here we only post the exercise every time we do them. Sometimes I have no motivation and I want to give up, but then someone reports their exercise in the WhatsApp group and it straight away encourages me to do more. 

I would recommend 1 minute exercises because it’s easy to do, it can be anywhere anytime, and it helps build internal strength and good habits. If you do consistently it will definitely change your life.



Doing one minute exercise reminds me of what’s important. Not only my physical and emotional wellbeing (looking after myself makes me feel good), but my mental state changes as  well – I am more focussed on tasks after my one minute of practice, I feel refreshed and energised having completed my one minute. I also find that having a reminder each hour to do some exercise has changed my perspective on how short – or long! – an hour can be.

Thanks for the one minute application – it’s made hourly practise so much easier.



Doing the 1 minute exercises makes me feel really good. It wakes up my body and clears my head. These exercises actually make me want to move more, so I end up walking my dog or working in my garden! What I like also is being in contact with other people doing these exercises, they inspire me. I recommend doing these exercises, it is accessible for everyone and age does not matter.



I started 1 Minute Exercise training last year in May. I do this every day, every hour – around 6 – 8 times per day. Nowadays using the 1 Minute App on my phone.

It helps me relax and calm down my mind, because I must focus on the exercise and my body in that moment, and then my thinking stops. My physical condition has improved and I manage stress better, and I became much calmer and have more energy.

I would recommend it to everyone because it doesn’t take much time and it can be done anywhere. Everyone who wants to improve body condition and shape and who wants to create self-discipline should try it. Through this practice you can appreciate time given to you and learn how to use it more mindfully and purposefully.


United Kingdom

I would recommend one minute exercise because I have found that through it my body is stronger and my mind is calmer. One minute is manageable. It isn’t daunting or off putting like the thought of a whole hour in the gym. Mainly, I really love that I can be feeling emotional and stressed but after one minute of exercise I feel calmer and happier, more able to continue with my day.


United Kingdom

As an employee working in the Corporate World, my day is spent sitting in front of the computer screen trying to organise my boss’s life. I never thought about myself during the  working hours and I certainly never carved out time for myself.

Now I aim to do at least eight one-minute exercises during my working hours and, with the help of the 1 Minute Change App, I set an alarm to remind me.

Ever since I started doing this, I notice that I feel calmer with a less chaotic mind. Whenever I was frustrated, I would act out and the problem would never get solved. Now, I step away from the computer, do a one-minute exercise and then return to my desk. Everything becomes clearer and I am more focused that before. I have found a way to regain control of my own body and emotions.

My work has improved, my mood has brightened and my attitude has become more positive. My aim now is to get all of my colleagues on board with it.



I started because I couldn't go to my yoga class every day and I was bursting to find a way to reconnect with that feeling I would get in class. At the beginning it was weird because I had to stop what I was doing - but I just told myself it was a habit I wanted to take on. Now it became a natural thing that my body requires. 

My favourite exercise is the energy sensitising because I enjoy so much feeling the energy I create with my hands and focus my brain on this pure sensation. It really helps to boost my confidence and gives me the strength to deal with negativity and challenging situations that occur in daily life.

What's important to me is to keep going, because as soon as you stop it takes more time to reach that space again, so why waste time?

We have made it much easier to incorporate this into your life by developing the 1 Minute Change App. 


The App creates a personalised experience, so you can  reconnect with yourself for 60 seconds every hour, every day of the week. Choose which categories you like, or make a custom routine, then get started with a set alarm every hour.

Download for Free

1  Minute Change App!

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