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“ I have long taught people about the Earth Citizen Spirit. The heart of that spirit is simple. It’s the notion that we should live with consideration for our planet because, before we are members of any specific country, race or religion, we are citizens of the Earth. Although we have different skin colours and use different languages there is a common denominator linking us all – we are part of a single human species living on the planet called Earth.

- Ilchi Lee, 'I have decided to live 120 years’



Our goal is to connect 100 MILLION PEOPLE worldwide

in the spirit of Earth Citizenship by 2020.

Earth Citizens live with the Earth as their core value and with an earnest wish for peace, raising the Earth's consciousness by joining in the community of 100 million Earth Citizens for a peaceful and sustainable future. The future of the Earth is in our hands. 


I am an Earth Citizen who loves and cherishes all humans and all life, as someone who has found my value and recovered my character.


I am an Earth Citizen who contributes to making a healthy and happy family and a peaceful community.


I am an Earth Citizen who lives for an Earth Village where all of humankind lives as one family beyond nationality, race and religion. 


I am an Earth Citizen who acts to protect and restore the global ecosystem so that the earth recovers its original beauty and vitality.


I am an Earth Citizen who takes part in the work of developing 100 million Earth Citizens for the evolution of the human consciousness and the advent of a new area of civilisation on earth. 


Earth Citizen


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Earth Citizens learn, practice and serve the values of mindfulness, natural health and sustainability to create a better community locally and globally. Earth Citizen Movement helps people integrate these values into their lives, take back the strengths of humanity and restore the power of community to heal and care.

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