Beyond nationality, country and religion you are a citizen of the Earth. Realise that value and act accordingly. Commit to be the starting point for a harmonious world.

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I am an Earth Citizen who loves and cherishes all humans and all life, as someone who has found my value and recovered my character.


I am an Earth Citizen who contributes to making a healthy and happy family and a peaceful community.


I am an Earth Citizen who lives for an Earth Village where all of humankind lives as one family beyond nationality, race and religion.


I am an Earth Citizen who acts to protect and restore the global ecosystem so that the earth recovers its original beauty and vitality.


I am an Earth Citizen who takes part in the work for the evolution of the human consciousness and the advent of a new era of civilisation on earth.

It's free to commit 

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Mind - Body

Step one: Take care of yourself. Nourishing your body, managing your emotions and brightening your beautiful mind


When you build up your own energy it will start spreading and positively affecting others.

Together we are stronger!


With one mind, everyone taking care of themselves and coming together in community, the Earth will rejoice and flourish back to balance

What is it all about?

We live at the time of the greatest change and at the turning point in human history. The time where the health and the future of our collective is directly dependant on us as individuals. We can either make it or break it and if we want to see our civilisation thrive, we need to change the way things are currently done. And we need to go BIG!

We are all deeply connected to each other, having the same roots we also share one consciousness. It means separation is only an illusion and there is really no "other" and everything and everyone is a reflection of "me". Since my consciousness and your consciousness is the same, whatever my state of it is will directly affect the global state too. When we take this as our starting line, we can take responsibility for our own creation and start the change with myself first before altering any other elements.

To this day there are still many of us who generally feel disempowered or even not entitled to any change or betterment in their life. This is largely due to the fact that the global level of consciousness is lower than what allows us to fully express our true nature, feel empowered and free. Of course solving our economic, political and ecological problems will require a giant team effort, but it will not start without the awakening of each individual to the fact that we are powerful enough as individuals and as a collective to change our narrative. 

It may seem like a mission impossible, but the good news is that we only need a small percentage of the whole population to raise the level of consciousness to the higher states, for example love, joy or peace, to change the consciousness of the whole humanity. Our personal awakening will spark (and is already sparking!) a global movement where individuals, families and communities will join forces to change the systems that no longer serves us.

So... Where should I start then? 

We are in the process of expanding the website with great articles and videos. Commit today and stay tuned for all this wonderful information that is coming your way to inspire you to make your change. 




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Earth Citizens Learn, Practice and Serve the values of Mindfulness, Natural Health and Sustainability to create a better community locally and globally. Earth Citizens Organization helps people integrate these values into their lives, take back the strengths of humanity and restore community its power to heal and care.

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