Thank you to everyone who joined us in Wandsworth Park in Putney for our Earth Citizen Gathering on the 10 June. The Earth must have felt our loving energy because the sun shone brightly that day!

Serenade kicked off the event with the warm up, which included exercises that loosened up our muscles and helped our bodies become more flexible. She also shared Power Brain Exercises to wake up our brains as well as worked on our bodies.

Melissa taught everyone how to do plate balancing, which is a Ki-Gong exercise that works our whole body and helps keep us grounded. The movement opens up the joints in our bodies and stretches our muscles as we try to keep the plate balanced on our hands. This exercise is incredibly fun and easy to do at home as well!



And finally, we had heart felt discussions on how each of us have taken action to caring for our Earth, which Marianne led. She started with a reading from Ilchi Lee’s book “I’ve Decided To Live 120 Years” and we heard ideas from everyone on what we can do to protect our Earth. One of the biggest concern was that whilst big companies charge customers for plastic bags, small companies still hand out plastic bags with each purchase. There was debate about whether this was down to people’s ignorance and if so, what could we as Earth Citizens do to help? Kasia lives in Wimbledon and has taken action by explaining to the owners of the local shops near her how plastic bags affect our oceans. She shared about how upsetting it made her to be handed plastic bags without being asked.


But plastic bags was not the only concern. Conserving water also came up in the discussion. Morgan washes her fruit and vegetables in a bowl and then reuses the water on her plants. And especially with this heatwave we have been experiencing, it is a good reminder that we need to conserve water as well as keeping the use of plastic down to a minimum.

We closed the event with a game of “What Does The Earth Mean To You?”. We had a bag full of recyclable items and each person explained what the Earth meant to them before making a promise to help care for the Earth and dropping a piece of rubbish into the bin. It was wonderful to hear the different responses: “The Earth is my home”, “The Earth is paradise”, “The Earth is life”.


Thank you to all the Earth Citizens who came to show their support.


Together, we can make a difference.



Blog post written by Nancy Latchford


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